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Who Is Mike Vick?

Mike’s father was a union iron worker and organizer and his mother was a teacher and school board member. From a young age, Mike’s parents instilled a deep commitment to working class values and to ensuring we treat the least among us as we would want to be treated ourselves.

Mike lives in Noblesville with his wife Amanda and their two children. On Sundays, you’ll find Mike at Waterline Church with his family. His Christian faith influences every part of his worldview. He wants a fair and just society where everyone, not just a privileged few, have a voice in their government and workplace.

Mike serves as field canvass director for Indiana’s largest consumer advocacy group, fighting for fair utility rates, energy policy reform, pollution prevention and family farmers.

Mike organized home care and child care workers, fighting for better pay and working conditions. He also raised funds for a global nonprofit organization fighting for a green and peaceful future.


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