05 Feb

Community organizer runs for state rep in Noblesville

Community organizer runs for state rep in Noblesville

The 2020 race for state representative in Indiana’s 29th district just got bigger. Mike Vick, a Noblesville resident and field canvass director with Indiana’s largest consumer advocacy organization, has announced he is running in the Democratic Party primary.

“We need an Indiana that works for all, not just a few people at the top,” Vick said. “I want to end the cycle of wealthy donors putting their politically connected friends into positions of power to benefit themselves at the expense of working class and middle income Hoosiers.”

Vick, 37, is an evangelical Christian and a libertarian socialist. While some might shy away from such labels, Vick embraces both.

“I believe in democracy and I want to extend that to our workplaces,” Vick said. “I believe in a society built around human need, not profit, a country where we make real the idea of treating our neighbor as we would wish to be treated.”

Vick’s platform includes policies aimed at lowering cost of living in the district. He also advocates for union jobs, worker-owned, democratically-run cooperative enterprises, equitable education funding, criminal justice reform, green renewable energy, and campaign finance and electoral reform.

Vick said he plans to speak to residents of the district who would not normally be engaged in the political process.

As a theologically conservative Christian, Vick also said he wants to reach out to political conservatives in the district with a message of unity in solving the problems the district faces.

“My wife is a Republican,” Vick said. “Many of my closest friends are Republicans. We have a lot of things that divide us in this country. It’s easy to shout past each other. I’d rather build bridges than walls.”

Vick is running unopposed for the Democratic Party nomination.

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