A Green Energy Future


Indiana has some of the nation’s most beautiful open spaces and should guard against any development that would threaten our natural environment.

We should protect our rivers, soil, and air from pollution of any kind, which threatens harm against Hoosiers who live, work, and seek recreation in our rural and undeveloped areas.

Meanwhile, the state has enormous potential for generating our own clean energy, with a combination of solar, wind, battery technology, and energy efficiency, all while providing good-paying jobs that cannot be outsourced.

Mike opposes fracking, carbon capture and sequestration, and continued taxpayer subsidies for overpriced and underperforming power plants.

As we make a just and rapid transition to a brighter energy future, we must ensure no Hoosier family is left behind. The people at the top who have lined their own pockets with tax incentives you’ve paid for should be the ones shouldering the burden of transitioning to a better energy future. Coal miners and other energy sector workers keep the lights on for Hoosiers, and they deserve better than industry CEOs who use and abuse them for their own gain. This means training for displaced workers and equitable access to renewable energy for all Hoosiers, regardless of income.

Mike will never take money from the fossil-fuel industry, so you’ll always know he’ll fight for you, not for industry lobbyists and monied special interests.