Gun Rights & Violence Prevention


Mike fully supports the Second Amendment and the right of citizens to use firearms for hunting and protection.

Even as we protect our Second Amendment rights, we must also fight to end the gun violence epidemic in our country. Like far too many communities nationwide, Noblesville has experienced this firsthand. As a community, we should address the issue head on, and not let bitter partisanship get in the way of better policies.

Mike supports common sense reforms like universal background checks. Many other gun control policies, while often well-meaning, do little to prevent gun violence.The best way to address gun violence is by dealing with the root causes, not by curtailing the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Firearms don’t cause violence. Social pressures cause violence. These include alienation, social dislocation, and a lack of human connection and solidarity.

Economic desperation and changing demographics, leading to anger, hopelessness, and loss of power, coupled with reactionary politics that try to explain all of the above by turning people against each other, have also contributed to gun violence.

A lack of universal healthcare, making support and mental healthcare inaccessible for anyone who cannot afford it, also contributes to gun violence, though it’s important to note the vast majority of mentally ill people are not a risk for causing violence, but rather at an increased risk of being victimized.

Mike will fight to address these root causes so that no community or family has to deal with the tragic consequences of gun violence.