Housing Affordability & Cost of Living


Hamilton County has the highest cost of living of any county in Indiana, squeezing middle-class families and making it difficult for working-class families to even afford to live here.

Mike supports a number of innovative policies to combat the high cost of housing. Among these policies, Mike would repeal antiquated and regressive property taxes and move to a land tax, putting more money in the pockets of average Hoosiers, lowering rental costs, and incentivizing higher-quality homes.

Mike also supports cooperative ownership, public land trusts, and a public option for housing.

As utility costs skyrocket, Mike also supports consumer-friendly legislation that ensures Hoosier ratepayers aren’t lining the pockets of for-profit utility monopolies. Unnecessary rate hikes amount to a tax on Hoosier families, paid not to their elected government but to bloated, unelected, profit-driven corporations. As opposed to the private monopolies the government has forced most Hoosiers to pay for needed services, Mike supports worker-owned, ratepayer-run, cooperative utilities.

Mike also supports the right of every Hoosier to generate their own electricity and will fight for legislation that will ease and speed the transition to cheaper, reliable alternative energy sources wind and solar.

Food costs should never be a burden for any Hoosier. That’s why Mike supports community gardens and food forests, incentives to reduce food waste, and increased funding for food pantries. No Hoosier should ever go hungry, and no family should ever be forced to choose between putting food on the table and paying for healthcare costs, utilities, or housing.