Voting & Campaign Finance


Voting is foundational to democracy, and Mike supports efforts to make it easier for people to vote. He supports repealing Indiana’s restrictive voter ID law, expanding early voting and enacting same-day voter registration.

Mike believes voters should pick their politicians, not the other way around. Gerrymandering, the process of drawing a map so politicians can rig their own elections and eliminate the need to be accountable to voters, must end. Mike will fight for independent redistricting.

Mike also supports innovations like score voting, which would eliminate the so-called “spoiler effect,” allowing voters to pick the candidate they most like without fear of helping the candidate they least like. Score voting would also encourage more options at the ballot box and give voters, not lobbyists and political parties, more power at election time.

Mike refuses to accept campaign contributions from any for-profit entities, including all corporate donors. He supports banning corporate contributions to political candidates and establishing a system of publicly financed elections.